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Izzy- do sorry for your pain and lack of sleep! Come and vent all you need to! We all understand and often share the struggle!! Hope the pain lessens and you're able to avoid comfort eating. A weakness of mine too, so I get it!

Shari-I was wondering if you'd go back to your kale shakes. It really works for you and I remember you talking about how good you felt on them, so I think that's a great choice! Enjoy your weekend

I'm doing well, scale STS at 169.6 today. I'm ok with it for now. Won't lie, would like to see a dip as I am in a deficit, but it's not a big one, and my workouts are going well so I am not complaining. I'm working on contentment and patience and longer term goals. Such a different mindset to switch over to, I've been trying to do it for 2 years now! baby steps!

Busy weekend with a volleyball tournament today and tomorrow and babysitting today too, dinner at a friend's house tonight (she's turning 80 on Monday!) and hopefully some down time in there somewhere!

Take care all! Hope the rest of our resetters are doing great!
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