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Julie, funny when I first saw 'btdt' yesterday evening I couldn't figure out what that meant. This morning I reread it and it came to me as if you'd spelled it out. What a difference a good night's sleep make. I know you understand, and I agree, calories matter more. When I first started LC I could eat anything w/o counting calories and lose like crazy, but then again I was heavier too. I keep forgetting about you fostering soon, keep us updated. I'm so excited for you, and admiring you as well for what you doing. Nice that the online school will pay for community college, what a deal and worth the headache now!

Izzy, thinking of you. Hope you're feeling better.

Lisa~ you're so close to onederland. Hope you're still shaking it up.

Deb~ hope all's well.

Jan~how's JUDDD coming along?

After thinking about what to do next, I decided to start kale drinks again. I'll drink this during the day and have a nice mostly low carb dinner w/ family. I'll start after Labor Day as I may go to a couple outings over the weekend.
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