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Originally Posted by Indigo-65 View Post
Shari, I just started as of yesterday. Today is my UP day and you know today is going well. Yesterday was more challenging (DD).
Hello Lisa, Deb, Julie and Shari!
I woke up Sunday and could hardly walk without pain all day. Started wondering if it had anything to do with ketosis and gout, found a thread that discussed it here. Yesterday at 3:00 am I woke in such pain I couldn't fall asleep and was late to work. My new bed arrives this afternoon but I am suspecting that it won't be the cure I"m looking for. This is really depressing. My doctor told me to limit my protein to 70 grams a day. I'm still not in ketosis but not overeating. Don't know what my weight is doing until I get my scale back from my friend next Friday. I don't see how people live with chronic pain everyday, it affects each second of my day. The bad thing is that I now have a $3750.00 deductible with my insurance so I will have to pay for all blood tests out of pocket. Anyway, I'll pray for a miracle with this bed this afternoon.
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