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Lisa-woohoo! You're doing great!

Welcome Jan!! Juddd has been really successful for so many! I did well for a little while but the restrictions were too much for me and made me rebound too indulgently on uds. Really messed with my head . But for so many it's a fabulous way to lose and maintain! Good luck and glad you're here with us!

Shari-good for you getting in the yoga! Everything goes better with exercise! I know you have been on your meds for a while, how are you feeling these days? Do you think you're r meds are working well? How long did it take to feel better? I'm not sure what to expect. I'd like to believe it'll make life much, much better but im not sure it's that magical!

Babysitting my 2 littles today, I've got them 3x this week! I'll be exhausted but can use the $!!

Have a good day all!
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