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Cheddars Restaurant - No nutritional info anywhere!

We got a new Cheddars Restaurant in town a few weeks ago and the family has been wanting to go. I finally succumbed today on my down day.
Looked all over for calorie counts and couldn't find any at all. What kind of restaurant operates without one anymore?

So, I decided that they must have a low-calorie section on the menu. NOPE!
I asked the waiter and he pretty much said that this was not the place to come for low calorie!

So I tried to make a good decision. I got a house salad with my own 5 calorie dressing and chicken tortilla soup. I took the tortillas and the cheese off the top of the soup but searching the internet now, it looks like a bowl is 377 calories. I gave the last 1/4 of the bowl to DH.
So with taking off the torillas and cheese and not eating a full bowl, do you think I saved anything? What should I count for this?
I think I'm going to get on the treadmill for awhile just so I can eat something tonight. I usually stay under 400 on a DD.

I am still in shock that a restaurant of this size doesn't have nutritional information that easily accessible.
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