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A calculator has no vote. You have all the votes. Think about potential - do you see potential for a better appearance by losing more weight? Do you see potential for better health? If you don't, then it shouldn't be a priority because this is one of those decisions in life that is all about you.

I tend to think of body-confidence in terms of a back-and-forth relationship between weight loss and toning up through exercise, and when I'm happy with one I work on the other. In your position, I might concentrate on toning/firming now and consider weight a success. But that's just me - I always need the firming!

My goal weight is 149 and I'm like you in that I'm wondering about more loss. I chose that number a few years back because it was "under 150", and a weight that I've always considered healthy for me. When I reach it again, I'll need to consider whether there's potential for a better appearance to match health. I have some trusted voices that are suggesting a little more weight loss, so I'll think about it.

Hugs to you - I'm so impressed!
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