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I had RNY in 1999, my highest recorded weight was 287, I currently weigh 150, I am 5'4'.My weight seems to teeter and totter between 140-160 depending. I changed jobs about a year ago to something very sedentary, so even though I was never much of an excercizer work kept me somewhat active. 140 was pretty easy to maintain, once job changed it was a struggle. I don't know why I have such a mental block to excecise because I know it would make all of the difference but I start and then quickly stop. Maintenance is always a struggle but the 5 day pouch test is helpful if you can make it through the 5 days. I'm lucky in that I still have all of the dumping problems with sugar so I don't eat too much of that stuff, and now when I binge it is usually with fruit and veggies. I'm talking a whole watermelon in the course of a couple of days or 1/2 dozen ears of corn. I use the term binge, but I can honestly say I don't "binge" eat in the usual terms. I always try a stick faithfully to low carb and I think that makes a differences. People I know that have had surgery that wonder why they haven't done as well as I have is because they follow their dieticians advice to eat a "balanced" diet.I tell them that advice will not serve them well in the long run but they don't listen, I guess they have to learn the hard way.
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