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I quickly dropped 160 pounds after my RNY seven years ago. I put around 20 back on, thanks to bad eating habits (it takes a lot to get me to dump...) that formed because I was ill a lot and couldn't stop dropping weight. I managed to maintain there for several years, until depression got the better of me a couple years ago and I packed on another 40 pounds.

In January, I decided I'd had enough. My wife was getting a sleeve, so I knew the family needed to change for her. I decided to start Atkins then. I'm now down 44 pounds. I had a week head start on my wife's surgery, but, beyond that, we are running neck-in-neck for weight loss. And, all told, the family is down close to 150 pounds!

The combination of the RNY and low carb has worked very well for me. I can't eat as much as a typical low-carber, so I am nice and full while keeping calories in check. The tool may be bent and rusty, but it still works.

This time, I've decided to not let bad habits get the better of me. Even if the same thing were to happen, I'll approach the problem differently so I don't regain. In short, my days of carb-binging are long gone!
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