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Originally Posted by JerseyJudy View Post
Hi there. I'm coming out of lurk mode to share my experience... I had my RNY done in April 2003. Right after New Years I was thinking about my 10-year WLS anniversary coming up and it made me look at what the heck I'm doing to my health. I originally lost 140 lbs post-op, and in the past 8 years I've gained back 100. I had started increasing my carb intake and figured if I overate it was no big deal because I had malabsorption on my side. I kept eating more and more chocolate until I no longer had any dumping effects. So in January I went back to basics- protein shakes, carbs only from fruits or vegetables whenever possible, eating protein first. I've lost 25 so far, and it's SO SLOW coming back off! I am really working on getting my mind healthy and not relying on the WLS, lots of reading books by Gary Taubes, Drs Lustig, Heller and Davis to help keep me on track with managing my carb addiction. Good luck to all of us as we fight the regain!
Hi, and welcome to non-lurk mode! We have two daily threads that people post in more frequently, so feel free to join us over there too! The Wagon and the daily food/exercise threads. We hold ourselves accountable over there.

Way to go on the loss so far! Isn't it amazing how just doing what we are supposed to do works for us!? I wish my head would remember that more often than it does...
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