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I had my RNY in 98. I lost about a 120 lbs. By 2004 I had gained back about 70 lbs. I went back to the surgeon and he agreed to change the RNY to a ERNY (elongated RNY). So I had less intestine to absorb nutrients. By 2006 I became very malnourished. I had to be hospitalized twice and home on temporary nutrition twice. I had to have my gallbladder out so at that time the surgeon and I agreed to partially reverse the ERNY. So now I am in the middle of an RNY and a ERNY.

But I tell you this so others don't make the same mistake I did. I started eating little bites of chocolate and soon I realized I could eat a whole candy bar. I started eating processed food. And pretty soon I realized I could a ton of carby food and never feel full. I know the best thing for me to do is stay away from processed food., eat whole food and low carb. It's important to take your vitamins and get your labs done. I struggle with low vita D and low iron. I take lots of vitamins faithfully. Do I regret the surgeries? No, I don't. I would do it again. I just have to be sure I get the extra nutrients I need. (I get tired of the protein shakes!)

It can be a daily struggle at times. But I have found good advice here and with a few other forums. Just make sure you do your labs. It is so important to find out if you are lacking any nutrients.
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