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Hi all,

I am brand new here but not to WLS. I had the VBG (vertical banded gastroplasty aka stomach stapling) in 9/97 and lost 90lbs then hit a wall followed by a slow regain. My surgeon refused to work with me to see what was going on, told me that obviously I was out-eating the surgery and it was certainly NO failure on his part! That kept me in shame and self-hatred for another year until some onine friends urged me to contact another surgeon to see about a revision.

Long story short(er) is I saw the new surgeon, he performed tests and it WAS a mechanical failure of the surgery! The silastic ring was gone which left the pouch intact but nothing to slow the food from dropping from the pouch into the rest of the stomach.

In May of 2000 I was revised to an RNY. I lost the rest of the weight that I wanted/needed to but also am dealing with a substantial regain that I must address. As a result my high blood pressure is back and am on 2 meds for that and I am a Type 2 diabetic on 2 meds that so far haven't controlled it.

I'm here to get back on track in my eating. Low carb works. I KNOW it works and right now it is my best shot at getting the diabetes back under control and the high blood pressure. I have multiple health problems that won't be hurt by weightloss and can only be helped or have a neutral effect.

Ok, sorry for the long post. I have so much more I could share of my story but I won't subject ya'll to that unless I see a need in response to another's possible struggles. Deal?? LOL!!

Have a great Saturday!
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