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Originally Posted by KeirasMom View Post
I didn't end up having it today, but I usually get the original pork to save calories. The grilled pork has a sweet glaze, and I have no idea what the calories would be. The place I go to uses very little mayo and I estimate the original with little mayo at 300 calories. I then add at least 20 calories of sriracha.

There's another place I go that uses more mayo, and I estimate that one at 400 calories.
Thanks Dawn.

Most of the places I checked around here, they do not list the calories. We have a wonderful Vietnamese place about a half a mile from the house that has a great Wor Wonton and I am trying to figure that one out too. It shouldn't be to bad as it is broth, veggies and about wonton's with couple shrimp, chicken, beef, and pork.

I really wish that all places had to post the calorie/nutrition on the menu's. It would sure make things a lot easier.
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