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Originally Posted by Ringamajig View Post
Went and picked up some Click, having a tall glass mixed with water/ice/banana all whirled up in my Vitamix. YUMMMMM
This is breakfast for only approx 225 calories, not bad, will see how long it holds me. The gal at the store drinks it every morning, she puts it in her coffee, talk about a caffeine boost.

The store only had the mocha flavor, so while I was there I ordered the vanilla latte also.

Lunch will be something good with DS #2 today. I am taking him back for what I hope will be his last visit at Shriner's today. He was burned pretty badly two weeks ago and is now doing much better.

Dinner: Spaghetti

Snack: Something sweet.
to your DS!

I didn't have my Click this morning because I was craving a bagel. Now I really want it and may hit the store on my lunch break. Sadly, it's clear on the North end of town, and I'm at the very South end. I think I'll have just enough time to make it there and back, then have my shake at my desk. That's how much I want it, lol. Not sure if it's the flavor or the caffeine I'm quickly becoming addicted to, lol!

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