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Originally Posted by Ringamajig View Post
Hi Dawn.

Do you drink mocha or vanilla latte flavor? I see that they have at several different vitamin stores here in my area, (Sacramento Area) so I might have to go and check it out.

Thanks for posting this.
All the credit goes to Cyn (Never Too Late). She mentioned it and I ran out and got it to try.

I got a packet of the Vanilla Latte and it was fantastic. I got the tub of the Mocha, and it's also fantastic. DH loves them both as well. I think I'm going to pick up a tub of the Vanilla Latte too, and maybe one of the Mocha to keep at work. I may even splurge and get the decaf one for after workouts, since I work out at night most of the time. I think the Mocha would be fantastic on UDs with a banana blended in. They both do have a strong coffee flavor, but tempered with the sweetness of the vanilla or chocolate. Oooh, I bet the Mocha would be good with SF raspberry syrup. Okay, my mind is running through all kinds of things I can do with this stuff!

ETA: The Vitamin Shoppe was having a sale this past weekend when I got mine, but only on the Vanilla Latte flavor and I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. I think I need to run pick up the tub before it goes off sale.

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