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FF, no I don't get hungry doing IF. I have always tended to naturally want to eat more later in the day, so with IF, I skip breakfast and lunch and eat a snack at around 2:00 then eat my main meal between 5:30 and 7:00 so I'm getting all of my food within a 5 hour window. When I eat 3 meals a day, if I eat breakfast I'm almost always hungry by lunch time. If I skip breakfast I don't get hungry until around 1:00 and at that point I only have an hour to go before I can eat my snack, so it's not hard for me to wait. I do drink coffee in the morning though and in general, consume a lot of water to keep my stomach full.

Down another 0.6 lbs this morning for a total of 4 lbs since Monday morning. I have been varying my carb count a bit each day so as to hopefully not plateau, but I know it's coming!
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