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I can relate to your post about being at a party and not eating any of the usual crap. ( I went to Vegas for 3 days and didn't go off plan, was tempted at a buffet once by the dessert, but forced myself to not do it - didn't want to start over with "carb-flu" and guilt)

This WOE is the only way I can feel somewhat in control of food. Eating carbs puts me in almost a hysterical addiction to consume any carbs around ( and if it's cake, cookies or treats, I'll beat you down to get them!!!!!! - no joke)

my scale isn't moving much either, I'm about ready to throw it out the window to see if it'll move then!!!!

not sure if my body is shape-shifting as you described, but the occasional "nekked" glance in the mirror still causes shudders, so I don't ponder the image much. *shudder*

hang in there...... I'm hangin in too. We'll beat this somehow.....
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