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Thank you, Poppies. I love eating this way and love never feeling hungry! Even if I decide to mix it up with JUDDD or 5:2, low carb is how I want to keep on eating.

Today's scale visit saw a 2.5 lb. loss! Go figure. Am now wondering if the coconut oil isn't the problem, but needing to keep my carbs lower than 20. I do not like being a living lab experiment. I know the scale will bounce and I shouldn't weigh daily, but I want - or hope - to see what it is that will work. Of course, I need to begin going past where I've been hovering for the last 2-3 weeks to figure out anything.

I'll either post carb totals and/or menu for the day before.

Yesterday's grub:

B: BPC, Pumpkin Eggnog Shake
L: Roast, Blueberry tea w/butter
D: Roast, salad (lettuce, kale, hb egg, avocado, dressing)
S: Coffee w/butter, cheese sticks

Carbs (total): 11
Carbs (net): 7

"One way to begin to see how vastly indulgent we usually are is to fast. One finds out what an astonishing amount of time is spent in the planning, purchasing, preparing, eating, and cleaning up of meals."
- Elisabeth Elliot

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