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Thank you, Poppies. I certainly hope so. I'm a bit frustrated as I'm up 1.5 lbs. Not a nice feeling after being by the book, dropping the things I needed to that I hoped would help. I know it could be just a flunctuation, but after lc'ing for a few months now and dropping them carbs even further, I'm a bit . I decided to weigh daily just to see if I can catch what is either a help or a hinderance.

I'm going to reduce the coconut oil in my BPC and see if that's the problem. I hope it's not, because I think it really helps with keeping me satiated.

I'm such a habitual eater, and can change my posted menu after I get home, I think I'll just post my previous days carb counts.

So, yesterdays counts:

Carbs (total): 11
Carbs (net): 7

*Yes, this is with veggies. Apparently I should have had more!

"One way to begin to see how vastly indulgent we usually are is to fast. One finds out what an astonishing amount of time is spent in the planning, purchasing, preparing, eating, and cleaning up of meals."
- Elisabeth Elliot

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