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Can you give us a little more information?
How old are you, are you male or female, how tall are you, have you got any medical issues?
Also, it would be good if you track your daily food intake somewhere if you don't already. This way you can really see how many carbs, proteins, fats and calories you actually consume.

Can you post a couple days worth of menus here with exact quantities so we can maybe help you out with some food suggestions?

Also, from your stats it seems that you are pretty close to goal. This will also mean a slow down in weightloss. How long have you not lost any weight? Are you measuring for inchloss?

Are you following a specific plan?

Vitamins that may help are Vit D3, and Magnesium. Others I don't know about really. I think it is sometimes just hype.

Look forward to hearing back from you!
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