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Originally Posted by ThinAgin View Post
NancyElle, Thank you so much for the pizza dough recipe. I made it last night with the basil and garlic and it was awesome. This morning I made it without any seasoning and used it as bread for a bacon tomato sandwich. I can't tell you how nice it is to have something to substitue for bread to make a sandwich. This makes carrying lunch to work so much better. This is such a break through recipe. Now I think I can make it without cheating at lunch. Dinner is easy to cook meats, etc. but lunch was a challenge. You are definately a LOW CARB FRIEND. You are my hero.

OMG, you've got me blushing:blush:

Thanks so much for the super sweet compliment!

I am so glad you are enjoying this!

I'm going to have to try it as a sandwich base! GREAT IDEA

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