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Babsy!! I'm just seeing your note right now...and I'm cracking up after reading that you aren't taking the Humalog right now. Great minds think alike!! I JUST stopped taking my fast acting Novalog a couple days ago...and bumped up the as to cover me for the day & night.
So at about 7pm I'm taking somewhere between say 27-40 units of Levimir...and at 7am I'm taking more like 40-50 units...beings there will be meals occuring. My BS is remaining pretty steady throughout the day...because of course I stay low carb. I'd say at breakfast I take in probably 10 or so carbs. Lunch would probably be 20. Occasionally I'll snack at some point & all together with that, I may add another 10.
I've LOST 4 pounds in two days, since knocking the Novalog out. AND, my BS's are riding at a steadier & lower range, constantly.
What are your results so far??! I hope this works out!!
Thank you for sharing your experience!!
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