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saw doc today

I can't find any doctors in this city who advocate a low carbohydrate diet, but my doctor admitted that he was quite pleased with my lipid profile and my BG levels. I really like the Lantus except for the weight gain. There is no more dawn phenomenon which is comforting. So, instead of trying Levemir for now, I'm going to take 5 mg less of Lantus and use Novalog on a corrective level.

He said that there is evidence that 30 minutes of daily exercise will not only speed metabolism (we've heard that forever), but that it actually lowers insulin resistance after about 20-25 minutes. If that truly helps then, the amount of injected insulin could be decreased. I work in an elementary school and see teachers walking quite often. It's possible to just let myself in early at 6:15 and walk for 30 minutes (my kids start at 7:00). Maybe this will be a part of the puzzle.

Thank you for talking to me about this issue.
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