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Version 3.0 differences as follows:

*Used 100% cocoa butter to replace the dairy butter
*Powdered the Bocha Sweet, which replaced 100% of the erythritol, used 5 drops liquid stevia

This was the most solid of the three tries. It held its shape well at room temperature, but was still just a little softer than I'd like it to be. You don't want to hold it in your hand for more than 20 seconds or so when it's at room temp. At this point, storing in the fridge (not the freezer, as before) will be sufficient. The taste was excellent with all cocoa butter.

Next time, I will run the coffee mill longer to powder the BochaSweet even finer. Although what I did represented a huge step forward in getting rid of the "crunchiness," I could still detect a very slightly graininess. Pretty sure that if I run it through the mill 30 seconds longer, that will become a non-issue.

Since the perfect LC chocolate bar is my holy grail, I'm going to keep trying until I get it right!
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