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Originally Posted by werkn'it View Post
Thanks for posting this thread and keeping it going! I've been thinking about doing jump rope and keep forgetting. I want to build my bone density, and have heard that jump rope is good for this. Do you feel that you've built much muscle doing this, or is it primarily cardio?

Jump rope is my main cardio (I also walk). No, I do not feel that I have build much muscle or gotten bigger. I know a lot of people worry that jumping rope will give them bulky calves, but that is not the case. If anything I have leaned out and my legs and calves have toned. So, that's why I do it-- I would rather dedicate 20 mins to jumping rope and get that lean slim look then spend an hour on the treadmill to get the "same" workout...if that makes sense. But that is just me, everyone's experience is and will be different.
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