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It has been two months since I last posted here in this thread. Thought it was time for a much-needed update.

I am still jump roping/skipping rope/rope jumping-- however you want to word it. It is a blast.. or should I say fat blaster! Such an effective and simple exercise.
I usually average 1-2lbs loss on low carb, but when I include cardio with the jump rope it boosts it to 3 or more pounds a week.

For Spring and Summer 2014, I have decided to keep an activity log (it helps me visually see how much movement/exercise I'm getting and keeps me accountable.) Below is how much I have done so far in 2014 in terms of jumping rope!

Jump Rope
4/15- 15mins with a total of 600 jumps (1st workout since December '13)
4/19- 20mins of jump rope (jumped along with a Tabata workout instructor video online) if I had to guess 800-900 jumps completed
4/26- 20mins of jump rope; completed a total of 700 jumps; a 4:30am workout-- yeah, that's early, but the important thing is I got it in.
5/10- 15mins of jump rope; 600 jumps completed.
5/17- 1,000 jumps; 5 sets of 200 jumps at 3am in the morning
6/7- 10mins of jumping rope along with a video on the smartphone; roughly 750-800 jumps completed.
6/10- 5 minute challenge (I completed 376 jumps in 5 minutes)
6/11- 15mins workout (Tabata workout video on phone)

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