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Originally Posted by Virago View Post
Wow, you've progressed very quickly; that's a lot more jumps in only a month's time!

I've always loved jumping rope but indoors I'd hit my ceiling fans so instead I cut the (weighted) handles off a jumprope and use an imaginary rope, though I realize it's not the same thing. But I'm too self-conscious to go to the park and jump rope there.
Thanks for the comment. I understand completely about the self-conscious thing; I am too. I jump rope when most people r still asleep but im sure someone is peeking and getting a good laugh or better yet being inspired themself to grab a rope and jump! Coincidently, I finished a 21 minute jump rope workout followed by a 10minute walk an hour ago. ill sleep well tonight thats for sure. The cardio always improves my weight loss. It's a must for me.
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