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Originally Posted by Librarygirl View Post
... I wouldn't want to go back to LC.
I wouldn't either. All power to ya. I'm not really referring to low carb, though. 100 carbs on an UD is what I'm thinking.

I didn't watch carbs while I was on JUDDD. The weight completely quit coming off after two and a half months. I faithfully followed JUDDD six more weeks, and the weight would NOT move. I went from losing two pounds a week to nothing.

I've just come to this conclusion after a couple months of experimentation. I was having problems keeping off the 51 pounds I'd lost, and through trial and error, I've learned that I can only do that by moderate carb and calorie restriction.

I'm about ready to go back on JUDDD, but I have one more venue I wanted to try beforehand (carb cycling). If that doesn't work, I'll be back to JUDDD. I sure loved losing weight on that. This time, I suspect it'll work again.
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