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Originally Posted by EnglishLit View Post
I thought she used the breadmaker for hers? Or did you watch the KA mixer version?

I'm not sure what it is, but my loafs of LC bread always come out superior in the breadmaker than baking in the oven, I just have to make sure I remove the pan before it's punched down the second time.
She has 2 videos, one is in the bread maker and one in a stand mixer and then put in oven. It is the same recipe for both, but I think the oven one looked better imo.

I will say it again, don't do what I did and waste all your expensive products. Pay attention to my words below the recipe before making this.
My first mistake was too many cold ingredients, eggs were cold, flaxseed from freezer, and cold butter. I think all of this was why the bread didn't rise well.

So, made it again, and this time it was better but still didn't rise like hers. I was using the 60 minutes she used for my rise time. Even though I could tell it wasn't doubled.

Third time was much better, everything was room temp and I let it rise 90 minutes, but still not as high as hers. So I went to King Arthur website for tips.

They said if you use 3 cups of flour the pan should be 4.5 by 8.5, if you use 4 cups of flour the pan should be 5x9. Well that explained a lot, my pan was almost 6x10. KA said it's not that the bread didn't rise, it did, just more sideways, lol
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