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SO EXCITED that I was finally successful at making awesome cauliflower rice!!!

I don't have a food processor. I made mine with my Vitamix and frozen cauliflower (not thawed). At first, I threw the frozen cauliflower into the blender. Then I added cold water and tried to blend it up. That was a big mistake and understandably so. I ended up with a slushy, icy cauliflower mush.

But then I wondered if it would work if I used boiling water with the frozen cauliflower instead. Tried it and it worked like a charm!

I know that you can make it with fresh cauliflower and water in the blender and I know that you can also make it with frozen cauliflower in the blender but if you use cold water, the cauliflower has to be thawed.

This is awesome because you don't have to have fresh cauliflower on hand (frozen is also great because no chopping is involved, win win), and now you don't even have to have the frozen cauliflower thawed out ahead of time. Just boil the water and you're good to go! I poured the boiling water in enough to cover the cauliflower, pulsed it about 3 or 4 times and it was the perfect size.

I then poured it into a strainer, drained the water out by smashing it with a spoon, threw it in a pan and stir fried it with oil. I put salt and pepper and butter on it and OMG, sweet success finally after all these years!

And you don't have to have a Vitamix. I know that in previous posts, people say they use their regular blenders successfully for this. So easy, convenient and no mess.

Now I'm all excited looking up all of the "rice" recipes I've missed out on all of these years! I am one happy camper!
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