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Ugh! gotta make a run out to the store...don't know which one yet as I just hate to shop on Saturday...too many people out there. During my housecleaning, I moved my light bulbs from where I've stored them since I moved in here 17 years ago...guess what? I can't find 'em anywhere and I've searched every room, every cupboard, even the hidey holes....found lots of empty spaces I can now fill up but no light bulbs anywhere. So, it's off to the store to buy some, then the others will come home "wagging their tales behind them." sheeeesh! Why is if every time I put something where I'll be sure to find it, it's completely lost.

Sharon, my dad always said he was a hunter...not a shooter. The only time he had a eight-point buck in his sights, he got buck fever. Once it was a good thing as the four of us (mom, dad, brudder and I) were staking out a garbage pit on a black bear hunt when we all decided we weren't carrying enough fire power to put a bear down...oh the joys of the hunter.

Now to brave the wilds of the Wally World (I guess) in search of the wild 60 watt light bulbs (back porch light is out)...wish me luck.
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