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Good morning all...another geezer heard from. Aaaaaaahhhhhh! June gloom back again for a few days which makes it much cooler in the ayem; doesn't do much much for the afternoon, except a couple of degrees...we're expecting triple digit temps by the end of this week....sigh!

Did you see the beautiful moon last night? Big and bright...although with my one eye still with the cataract, it was golden; with the other one, it was a brillant white. This makes for an interesting decision for my brain...and since the left (cataract) eye being dominant, it was a golden moon. Strangely, at mid distances, like watching my small TV in the kitchen, the right eye (non-cataract) takes control and colors are brighter and not yellowed...

I know TMI, but thought it interesting to discuss this morn as I'm still not planning anything for today...stay at home on the weekends to give the rest of the world space to do what they need to do...there's enough traffic out there during the weekdays.

Have a great day folks, stay cool and dry.
Mary in SoCal

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