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Happy to find a NK topic here!

I've been on AtkinsEades etc. since I was diagnosed with Diabetes in June of 2009

Lost a bit of weight, but nothing ever happened to my BG numbers. Then I found the Bernstein book, and tried that - no luck there either.

Then while I was trying to figure out why low-carb didn't seem to help my blood sugar, I came across VeryLowCarbHighFat. Interesting. Several places say that protein has a bad effect on BG.

So I've decided that it's time to get serious about NK. I've been kind of randomly cutting down on carbs and upping the fat.I've read all the posts here and I find it quite helpful.

My concern is diabetes. Nothing wrong with losing weight - I'd love to get down and out of the obese category.

Question one - what ketone meter do you use? How accurate is it?

Question two - what reference do you use other than the Volek-Phinney book.

Thank you!
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