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Originally Posted by MichelleHu View Post
How long were you off of it? Sounds like a 6-9 month deal with the surgery and everything, yikes! Keep your feet up and even on some ice to help with the swelling if your back out working on the tree...

I think I'm getting ready for a BBQ burger, holding off as many days as I can before I pull a higher fat. But you guys talking burgers and BBQ is making me want them. Fish tonight. In fact I just slipped it in the oven, I'm hungry earlier than usual. I'll have a snack later that I didn't get in this afternoon.

We got the wall tore down and almost have the door framed out. We will finish that tomorrow and start building the wall where we remove my bedroom closet door on the other side. Then next week I can start patching and repairing some cracks, fill in some holes. The girls were a big help. Now we are all tired.

DH and girls went out and grabbed dq. I'm not even tempted. Well maybe the fries, but really even the smell didn't get me. However when we were working I said to dd2 "ya know what I want"? "I want Frosted Flakes". I don't even eat Frosted Flakes never have! So weird. My subconscious is getting desperate, throwing everything at me to get me to blow it I guess.

Made tartar with the chobani, threw sugar free sweet relish and a bit of mustard in it, it's edible, but it sure ain't no mayonnaise base! I will keep my portion down.

Then off to rest....
I was no weight baring for... I think it was 19 weeks. I went from wheel chair to walking (not even a boot) It took a LONG time to feel somewhat normal. About 14 months. I think now I am just used to the constant "weird feeling". It reminds me of the injury when I walk a lot.

I hate days when all you can think about it the food you can't have. I usually struggle badly about a week and a half in. This time just feels different. I need this to happen. I do not want another summer being the fat chick. I have 8 months to lose 50 pounds. I intend to do it a lot sooner.

That funny that you are craving something you don't even eat. The tricks our brains play on us.... Hang in there. You CAN do this. Splurge on the mayo if it keeps you on plan. Just don't make enough to over do it.

If you like wings... find a seasoning you like mix it with a little olive oil and bake the crap out of them to make them a little crispy. I do take most of the skin off after they are cooked. That is what I have been eating the last 2 days. I need to go shopping, I am running out of meat.

Your house projects sound exhausting. Don't over do it. You know... That might be why you are craving some foods. Maybe you are burning a lot of calories to do the work. Maybe adding a little extra fat would help with the cravings. I have been starving since moving this stupid tree!

I am off to be lazy. Tomorrow, no tree work. Church and some light cleaning in the house.
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