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Originally Posted by Punkin View Post
I don't do any cardio, just weight lifting/strength training for about 30 minutes a day. On keto low intensity exercise is probably best because it burns mostly fat. You can do strength training or weight lifting but not long sessions, it would probably aggravate the diet restrictions. Carbs ensure a more speedy recovery, that is why they are so important to athletes.
That has been proven not to be true. Someone who is keto-adapted has no trouble with endurance. When I was keto-adapted and exercising, I had no need to limit my workout because of endurance or hitting the wall. Before I switched to strength training only, I regularly did high intensity cardio without a problem.

It's the people who aren't keto-adapted who can run into trouble. People who are constantly going out of ketosis don't give their body time to get fully into fat burning mode, which is what leads to all the myths about needing carbs to exercise. There are world class endurance athletes who remain in ketosis. If you haven't read The Art & Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance, it's a good reference for these issues.
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