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Exercise on keto

Hi everyone

I will be starting a keto based diet from next monday(was supposed to start yesterday but come down with a horrible flu bug.) I was just wondering how much exercise you have found is necessary for significant results? I currently weight 148Ibs and want to get to around 120. At the moment I eat a low fat diet with an even fat/carb split. I workout for 1.5 hours - 2 hours 5 x a week and my results are very slow. I saw one girl have incredible success and she said she barey worked out at all to begin with and now does one hour or cardio 2-3times a week. I'm not saying I want to use this diet as an excuse to be lazy! I actually find daily workouts are a bit of a stress reliever. But do you think I could get away with 1hr cardio and maybe 15-20minutes stretching and weights rather than pushing it to two hours most days?
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