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Originally Posted by fozzie99 View Post
I have trouble eating to BMR without alcohol which I usually don't consume
(make me hungry) I don't intend to do anymore. If I don't drink I have trouble eating 2300 cals. DDs are pretty easy.
I intend to go back to very low carbs and moderate protein along with JUDDD.
Do I really need to make BMR every UD?
Hi, fozzie! It's wonderful to see you with us here, and I'm pretty sure JUDDD is going to make a new man of you within mere months! It's a pretty exciting and dynamic and yet very, very simple way to eat and manage your calorie intake and so, manage your body weight.

I think one thing you have run into here is relying too strongly on the accuracy of the calorie calculators to come up with your Up Day calorie recommendation, and I say that because the heavier we are, the more *over* the correct calorie number we are given, and we end up sometimes trying to eat up to a number that is truly way too high for us... figured with all our body fat included.

So in this instance, I think we're far better off in figuring what our UD calories should be if we are just feeding the lean mean fighting machine within us.. and not the excess body fat we start out with.

I wonder if you wouldn't find a great deal more success, and a lot faster, if you held your UD calories to about 2200 or so to begin with, as this is a lot closer to a correct number for a man of about 6 feet who is currently slim but not exercising a lot.. like a desk job or sedentary. If you exercise truly well, and I mean some real hard sweaty continuing workouts, then add to your UD calorie number some if you think you need some extra. And hold your DDs as close to 500 calories as you can.. maybe a bit more if necessary, but even less than 500 is great too. The fasting part of JUDDD is where a lot of weight loss happens, with the Up Days nourishing us and replenishing us.

I'm really excited to see how you proceed these next weeks. If you include a higher carb level in your diet and haven't been used to it, expect to gain some initial weight on the scale as that will certainly be water weight. Many JUDDDers and dieters in general will have weight gain from Holiday foods and treats and alcohol over these Celebration Days, but that all melts away again, so don't worry there.

And if you want to do low carb while you are doing JUDDD, that works well too. But do be aware that if you slide into and out of low carb eating while you do JUDDD, you will also slide up and down in water weight gain and loss too, which corresponds to your carb intake some, and that can be pretty confusing and sometimes discouraging when you weigh-in each morning. LOL But that is only water.. not FAT.. so I just say to myself, "Who Cares?"..
Best wishes, Pat
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