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Originally Posted by fozzie99 View Post
Started JUDDD the day before Christmas with a big DD 809. W 324.4 Christmas UD ate 4000
W 323.8
39% 9% 24% 28%
F p c A

W 333. up 10lbs 10lbs jump in 1 day had to be water. I think
C 224 the alcohol did it.
48% 44% 8%

W 332.4 down 1lb.
C 2573
51% 30% 20%

W 335.2 up 3
C 324
48% 31% 21%

W 329.5 Birthday party more alcohol not a good thing.
C 4064
55% 20% 13% 12%
F p C A

11/30 Did not weigh
C 448
52% 45% 0%

11/31 Thought I'd be down but up 9lbs.
W 338.4
C 941 So Far it's an UD

I was doing EFGT with about 1800 cals a day and maintaining at 323 for a couple of months.

Switched to JUDDD
BMR 2800-3200 depending on calculator
DD cals 225-637 depending on will power

I have trouble eating to BMR without alcohol which I usually don't consume
(make me hungry) I don't intend to do anymore. If I don't drink I have trouble eating 2300 cals. DDs are pretty easy.
I intend to go back to very low carbs and moderate protein along with JUDDD.
Do I really need to make BMR every UD?

OK first after looking at the alcohol and the over 4,000 cal day in your first week I'd say ... don't fret, you just need to get things on track and it will probably be easier to do that now that the holidays will be behind you.

Since you plan to go low carb/mod protein, I will assume that will increase your fat % which wil definitely help you reach that UD number without alcohol. Sssssssssssh! but I couldn't reach my UD cals and for the first week or 2 I ate ice cream with chocolate syrup each UD night so that I could come close to my calories. I have since gotten better at figuring my meals before I start the day so that I can do better at getting closer to UD calories without relying on a big bowl of ice cream!

After looking at your numbers and the fact that you said that you were maintaining at 1800 cals I think that if it were me I'd try these numbers and really stick with them for a couple of weeks to give it a chance to work: 2800 UD and 500 DD. If you add those numbers then divide by 2 you get 1650 calories average which would definitely put you under the 1800 you were maintaining with previously. Of course I'd use those numbers as a starting point and see how they work as sometimes the numbers can be tweaked to get better results and of course you are tall and male so you really should need more calories than most of us hanging out here so you might want to start with those UD calories even higher but try to use the 500 DD calories for the first 2 weeks. And NO you don't have to hit the UD calories but everyone suggests that you do. However, I have a tough time making mine on UD and I have done alright

If you came from low carb and have been drinking alcohol and adding back carbs you can count on a good bounce up in weight right away but, if you stay on your numbers you will see that work itself back down. It took me just under a week to show a difference in the scale after adding carbs back with JUDDD. But, once I got through the water weight the carbs added I started dropping to new lows right away.

I'd suggest starting from scratch and looking into choosing your numbers and really sticking with them long enough to see how the results pan out. I hope that helps and that someone with more experience than myself comes along with some more insight. Hang in there!
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