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Originally Posted by Maryposa View Post
lol Heather they certainly would not sit well with you based on what you have told us... don't go there! lol

They are bites of high fat stuff.... like cream cheese, nut butters, butter, coconut oil, etc. They are usually sweetened, and people eat them when they have cravings... the idea is that fat is satiating.
No, not at all lol! Fat DOES not agree with me!!! I get nauseated if I eat one bite too much peanut butter. I can't eat more than a 1" section of smoked sausage (turkey included!) and yeah... those would have me wanting to die!!

Today's weight 149. Back in the 140's which is awesome - but still 1# over my 5# loss goal of 148. Not too bad, I'm okay with at. I did derail myself over the last weekend (and I have a 4 day weekend now so I'm trying my darndest NOT to do the same thing!) which brought me up over my original starting weight. So I did lose exactly 5 pounds, it just wasn't the 5 pounds I *wanted* to lose. I really think that one extra run would have pushed me up over the edge and done it for me. I was 150 last night, and then went for a run this morning and was 149 both before and after the shower. If for some reason I see 148 at any point today before midnight I'm gonna call it lol, but I doubt that will happen. I need to push fluids, that's my downfall on weekends. I don't drink fluids.

How did everyone else do on their 7/4 goals? Remember you *technically* have until midnight to call it!

Originally Posted by chewiegand View Post

Ok, I have never really set weight loss goals---at least not since wls. This may be a tad lofty but you need to shoot for the moon, right? Current weigh: 218

First goal: 212 by July 4th.
Second goal: 202 by July 31st
Third goal: 194 by August 21st ONDERLAND!!!!
Fourth goal: 181 by September 21st
What was your number today - I bet you totally hit it or came close!

Originally Posted by Hot Tamale View Post
First goal: 189.anything by July 4th.
Second goal: 183 by July 31st
Third goal: 179 by August 21st (my 46th birthday)
Fourth goal: 174 by...? September 21st?

There's mine. I did not meet today's goal. Actually, I didn't even weigh...I know I'm still puffy and retaining water I assume from the liposuction. I am still working at it - hope to be walking again by Saturday.

So far today, I've had one cup of coffee, 1 scoop of mint cookie with 1% milk, and a blueberry Oikos Greek yogurt. I will have some steak from the bbq I'll be doing in a few hours. Other than that, I'm trying to keep eating minimal.

Have a good day, Everyone!!!
I think you should see what your number is today - knowing that it is most likely all fluid and swelling gain - just to see what your starting off point for the next round is. I think we should just call you good and give you a bye week for the previous round due to medical intervention!
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