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Originally Posted by chewiegand View Post
I'm not even close to meeting goal for tomorrow. I'm up and down and up and down. Weighing every day for me is really bad. It colors my whole day and this past week has been very negative for me. I'm glad we have a longer stretch for the next goal and I'm done weighing in daily.
You could just weigh day 1 and not weigh again until goal day. Or only every Monday during the period... you don't have to weigh every day.

I weigh every day. Sometimes 5-6 times a day lol. But the scale doesn't dictate to me that way, I know there are going to be up and downswings so I just pay attention to the trends. Multiple days up in a row = bad. Up, down, up, down = normal.

But, like you said. Plenty of time to play catch up.
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