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I have a full day today, top to bottom meetings on my calendar. Someone sent a planner yesterday late afternoon for a meeting this morning and for some reason my brain thought it was at 730 am. Well, it's for 8:30, for an hour and a half. That messes up my entire morning, and I have to rearrange 3 hours worth of schedule because of the odd timing of this meeting. Actually, I'm going to go and bow out as soon as I possibly can and try not to sit the whole meeting. :/


B - mint cookie protein
L - didn't grab what I packed since I was in a rush to get out the door so cafeteria if there's anything good
s - apple - I at least managed to toss that in my purse
D - no plan, fireworks show in town tonight.

And water water water.

Workout - nothing so far. Planned to run this morning, but walked into the breakfast room a floor full of glass. Cats knocked over one of my carnival glass pieces and shattered it. So I had to sweep that up before I could feed the dogs. Meanwhile Molly keeps trying to EAT the glass and Tito just wants breakfast. THEN I walk into the kitchen to find my not quite so inexpensive LIGHT tan and pink Coach purse sitting on top of the stove just covered with drying coffee splatters. I guess I should consider myself lucky he didn't set it ON the greasy cookie pan the kids used to make burritos sometime in the middle of the night... So I spent another half hour trying to clean that off - I think I got most of it but I'll need to give it a real cleaning when I get home today. Needless to say, I didn't get my run in - even though I really really really needed it by that point. There wasn't any time left.
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