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I'm bringing over the July posts from the June thread. It's a new month, new start...

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My weekend undid everything I did last week. It's fluid, but yeah, still...
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I've been struggling for over a week now. Last week I had stomach problems with restriction and no movement, if you know what I mean. Ugh--tried lots of stuff, finally have gone back to magnesium and fiber caps. Heather--being a nurse, I had the sleeve, do you think I'm absorbing the fiber in the caps??? Just hate to take them if they're not helping. I don't know which is working but something is. I feel better this week but it's a lot of pills to take, 6 of each plus all my other stuff. Ugh Plus I was emotionally a mess too. That's better too but I'm not going to make goal for the 4th. Oh well, such is life, right?
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Damage undone... back to where I was Friday. But if I don't push water and keep it up I'll be hard pressed to meet 148 by Thursday. I'm 151 (again) today.

The whole purpose of fiber is that it's NOT absorbed by your body. There are two kinds, soluble and insoluble. Soluble absorbs water, keeping stool softer and larger and easier to move. Insoluble bulks up your stool, making it move faster through your colon. You need both. And if you are supplementing or increasing your fiber you need to up your water. Does no good to increase if you don't give it water too. Women under 50 need about 25 grams a day to stay regular.
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B - mint cookie protein
now - pushing fluids (36 oz water)
L - unplanned - eek! - cafeteria it is...
s - ? mint cookie protein
D - leftovers, chicken breast with assorted raw veggies (cucumber, bell pepper, tomato)
s - apple if needed

Went for a 2 1/2 mile run last night. 2 miles with Molly, and the older dog (Tito) looked so excited when I was getting her ready that I told him if "he was ready" when I got back I'd take him for a loop too. Well, when I did the 2 miles and came back he was watching through the window for me so I clipped him in and took him around the block. He's about 7 years old, but he's an 80+ pound pitbull and he has hip issues and arthritis. We've cut back recently on his food (I have, hubby still overscoops) and he's dropped a couple of pounds. He also "plays" in the backyard with Molly. He actually ran for most of the 1/2 mile! I was impressed. Of course when he's clipped in to my running belt he can yank me around if he wants. If he stops (to assert his man-ness on things) it's not pretty lol. I need to get him a pinch collar too if he's to go out with me more often (Molly's won't fit him).

Tonight - probably a run, maybe some Insanity or a blacklight yoga class at a different studio.
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