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Thanks for your feedbacks.

I am not worried at all about my LDL levels, since it's pattern A.

I am more worried about my relatively low HDL and high trigs (basically at the same level I had them before starting LC).

I had been a little stressed and anxious lately and I think I have some sort of inflammation in my ears (the type that makes you lose balance).
Could that trigger higher triglycerides and lower HDL?

As for my carb count: I don't count, but the only carbs I eat are rich in fibers (mainly spinach, I eat a spinach salad for lunch everyday at work).
I eat lots of almonds and almond butter, and some 90% dark chocolate (rich in fibers and very low in sugar).
Other than that, I basically only eat eggs (5 to 8 a day), red meat, and fish.
And I cook exclusively in either grass-fed butter or extra-virgin coconut oil.

I supplement with fish oil (900mg of omega 3 a day), magnesium, and vitamin C.

My weight is great and I feel like I'm doing the maintenance phase perfectly (I'm really happy with what I eat and how much I eat).

Absolutely no wheat, grains, and sugar.
I also cut caffeine (besides the little amount in dark chocolate) 4 months ago. That helped me a lot with stress and anxiety (I have a high pressure job, tax partner, and now it's tax season).
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