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Thanks everyone for the replies and the suggestions

Rubidoux, I feel your pain, and yours, ravenrose, but I'm pleased to see that you are "at peace" with this lifestyle. It's so healthy... It's just a shame that for some us it doesn't quite work on the enjoyment level. Give me a nice lasagna over a steak every day of the week, month and year.

I'm feeling much better today. I think I'll have to tweak this diet at some point because, seriously, the thought of never ever eating pasta again or pizza (in Italy it's downright sacrilegous to eat only the toppings. My friends looked at me as if I had sprouted a second head when I tried it, once) is awful. But for the meantime, I think I'll keep it, at least until I lose the excess weight - I'll just raise my carb limit a little to allow the odd slice of brown bread here and there... after all I can lose weight even on a normal high carb calorie-deficit diet (actual health notwithstanding) so this shouldn't stall me.

I visited my doctor today (who by the way is awesome and gets the low carb philosophy) and she told me (again) that my metabolism isn't completely off-whack... had I been totally insulin resistant, I probably would have gained a lot of weight during that "cake-Nutella-twice a day everyday" stint that lasted from about July to October, but actually I didn't gain more than a couple of pounds (just mantained my "pudgy" figure lol). The real problem there was my hypoglycemia and how miserable it made me feel.

The thing about low carb for me is that even though I don't enjoy it fully at 30 g per day, I know it's really healthy. And I'm not the most health-minded person out there, at all, but I can't deny how light and clear-headed it makes me feel. So after the weight is gone (wishful thinking! LOL) I hope I'll be able to find my low-carb lifestyle..80-100g per day would be heaven

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