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Carolyn's 3 minute flourless chocolate cake recipe


If you ever read this, a BIG thank you for that awesome recipe.

I've read all the variations on your thread, but the original recipe (from you!), is the best. The only variation I've done is to use 1/2 tsp baking powder instead of 1 tsp. I've tried the variation without baking powder, but you really need that baking powder to make the cake rise and be more cake-like.

Also, I used 1 tb. sweet butter instead of regular butter, only because I love the taste of sweet, unsalted butter.

Thank you so much for that recipe!

One thing I'd like to add is that I'm reading cocoa powder is so healthy for us, containing a lot of antioxidants. This applies only to alkali processed cocoa (like Hershey's), not the dutch process cocoa.

Wow, something so good that's good for us! Thanks Carolyn.
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