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That does look like Lake Tahoe, Sharon, but it's alot smaller, Crystal Lake, up towards Mt. Hough, which is what our house faces, there is an awful rough, dirt road that goes up there, to a fire tower where a forest service person lives in the summer. We honeymooned at Lake Tahoe, but lived in San Jose at the time, now, we are close enough to go there for lunch and a ride around the lake, and then back home.........of course, after we move, that will be it for that. Apple Hill is still going strong, very nice, we used to buy boxes of apples there for all the relatives.

Did 2 hrs. on the bike this morning, and 8 lb. weights just now, that is it for me today, anxious tired is what I am.

Tomorrow won't be much, early rising to head down to Roseville for dh's blood tests, it's supposed to be 86 degrees down there, but thats 3 hrs. away.

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