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Not at all sure that this has anything to do with the mysterious Witching Hour, but I've been experiencing something new lately. I think it's a good thing. I think it's a normal thing, too, but I ate in abnormal ways for so long that I have a hard time telling and am weirded out by the oddness of it (to me). So I'm wondering if others have had this experience.

So. here's the thing: Recently I started having more hearty lunches (more cals, more protein). And (drum roll), I've started feeling quite full about two hours after these hearty lunches. Yeah, I know, right? What's not to like?

Thing is, this is unheard of for me. For twenty or thirty years, I've like NEVER been full unless I've binged. Since my tipping point (2.5 years ago), I've adopted the popular technique of "wait twenty minutes and you'll feel full." It hasn't worked for me. I've tried "wait half an hour" and then "wait an hour". Nada.

But now, every UD, I break my fast around 12 or 1, and wolf back (sorry, old habits die hard) between 600 and 800 cals (rather than the 300 or 400 I previously allowed myself). I did this today. And here I sit, two hours later--stuffed. The idea of food is slightly nauseating (and believe me, I NEVER feel this way).

So yeah, two hours. Weird. Wonderful. (Both). Does this happen to other people? Ex-bingers? I guess the question is, when do people feel satiated after a meal?

I LOVE this feeling. I think maybe this is what the Norms feel when they've had a large lunch. I think it's mostly due to the increase in cals. And is it possible that all the Z-fasting I did over the summer has resulted in a major reset of some sort?

The first few times it happened, I'd had an Extremely Large Lunch, and two hours later I felt uncomfortable--like I had eaten too much. And my tummy said, "Ugh, this is really uncomfortable. I don't like to feel t his way, could you stop a little sooner next time?" And I'm like, "Well, yeah, but could you maybe jump in a little sooner than two freaking hours after the fact? I mean, at the time, I didn't feel full at all."

And get this: After that happened two or three times, I remembered, and, like today, stopped eating my expanded lunch at a point where I somehow new I would be full, but not overfull. So now, two hours later, I'm like, really wonderfully full, but not overfull. I freaking love this, whatever it is.

Anybody have any experiences like this?

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