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Originally Posted by p0rtia View Post
JUDDD has released me from the rigid idea I used to have that it was impossible to just east like a normal person and still lose weight, and, by extension, that if I ate something that would throw me out of ketosis, it was like throwing my chances of weight-loss over a cliff and I might as well quit.
What a mouthful there! I began JUDDD when it first came years ago. I have typically eaten low carb but with JUDDD it felt great to know that if I ate off plan, it wasn't going to do me in. I lost about 15 lbs., then went on vacation and you know the rest. I've learned much more about low carb and fully believe it's best for our bodies (mine, anyway). But if I indulged in a carb night or something, I'd feel terribly guilty and kick myself for abandoning my beliefs or something similar. My many returns to JUDDD have been both happy and frustrating. Despite the frustrations (not losing as much weight as everyone else), it is a "plan" that really does suit me. I can fast, but still have my coffee with cream. Even if the scale doesn't move, I see some NSV's. Not as many as others, much like the lack of weight loss, but I do. I've also learned I get terribly frustrated easily and jump ship too soon. Now, someone throw a noose around my neck if I decide to leave again.

"One way to begin to see how vastly indulgent we usually are is to fast. One finds out what an astonishing amount of time is spent in the planning, purchasing, preparing, eating, and cleaning up of meals."
- Elisabeth Elliot

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