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Originally Posted by quietnite View Post
I am trying to put new behavior in place because eating at bedtime is a habit I have a hard time breaking. For now I just work it in my JUDDD schedule but it's a thing I'm becoming more aware of and now wanting to replace with healthier stuff, eventually eliminate.
I have a similar habit I'm trying to undo. Not bedtime eating exactly, but having supper at 7--so that I DON'T get hungry at bedtime/DO go to bed full. Well that's fine, I guess, but the problem is that I get hungry at 4 PM, so my habit has been to snack (hunger fear again).

I used to think that if I could make it till 4, I'd be okay, but I've realized lately that the calories I consume between 4 and 7 are a problem--not least because they're empty calories. If I eat in this way to kill hunger, by the time I get around to supper I am full.

So for the past week, I've been eating earlier--if I get uber-hungry at 4, I prepare supper, and eat at around 5. I then have a 200 or so cal snack at 7 or 8 (this is UDs, I'm talking about). Early days, but it seems fine; it seems normal. I'm satisfied and am eating more healthily than is my wont (fresh veg, some fruit, cheese, turkey, beans, avacado, Joseph's low carb pita which I love, feta, eggs, and oh yeah, that Artic Zero LOL).

I'm thinking if I can get comfortable with eating at 5 or 6 (at least when I'm in control of when I eat), this might have positive repercussions.
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