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Thank you, Geekin' in Utah. Great work uncovering the actual research!

(always much more helpful to see the real thing as opposed to random stuff from the internet)

It looks like they had a patient with renal tubular acidosis.... and given her unusually large consumption of apple cider vinegar, they tried to draw a correlation. I wish I could get the rest of the article.. it would be very interesting to know what happened when she stopped the ACV... if everything resolved (which would suggest the ACV was the problem) or if it continued (which would suggest an underlying renal disorder).

I agree there is some evidence, but its weak, as far as the benefits of ACV.... but in any case, if someone wants to try a tablespoon or so a day, it shouldnt be harmful. Overconsumption (which could be a problem with just about any supplement or vitamin) seemed to be the problem in that case report.
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