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You can read the actual case information here: PayPerView: Hypokalemia, Hyperreninemia and Osteoporosis in a Patient Ingesting Large Amounts of Cider Vinegar - Karger Publishers

It looks like it might take potassium in the liver to process acetic acid in some circumstances.

First, 250ml/day is a pretty good amount. Second, there is so little information, it's hard to say whether it is the vinegar itself, the very large quantity, or something else in the diet combined with the vinegar.

There is good evidence of positive benefits, especially on some types of cancers and on insulin load after eating carbohydrates (see Vinegar: Medicinal Uses and Antiglycemic Effect). The problem is that dose information and controlled studies are lacking.

The glycemic impact is particularly interesting. Traditional Japanese diets have been carb heavy, but haven't had the health problems of western carby diets. I wonder if the use of vinegar in Japanese cooking has helped that.
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